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Originally Posted by LeeR
Congratulations on finishing it. Ten years! Thatís about how long my scratch-built Orbital Transport sat, from completed assembly, to do all that sanding and filling and sanding and filling and ... well, it has a lot of balsa and basswood in it. Itís done and has been flown on an E18 reload using the 24/40 RMS. Next flight will be an F24.

I love upscales. Iíve got a monster Trident thatís been in the works since the 90s! Itís got 6 nose cones done, 3 more to go.

My upscale Astron Cobra is done. Iím ready to do the filling/sanding on two more ó an Astron Sky Hook, and an Astron X-Ray.

I built this one, had it sanded filled then moved out of state. Two of the three fins broke off during the move and one of the middle veins got damaged.
Filled/repaired the vein, and re-glued the fins and added eboxy fillets . Then we moved again out of state LOL. Then I primed it and it sat after that for the next 10 years until I finally got to finish painting it. Now I just need to decal it and its done. z
This one probably wont ever fly. Its had a lot of repair work done on it already from getting banged up in 2 cross country moves. However I still have the plans and even have a set of basswood fins already sanded and doped that I cut 10 years ago to make another upscale ramjet. So I might go ahead and make one that will fly....but MAAAAN I dont feel like cutting those 18 internal fins by hand...That took forever last time.
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