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New to this forum but not to hobbies.

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I have been in radio controlled models for years, planes, jets, ships, tanks, and yes RC submarines. I both build kits and scratch build my own models.

Back in the early 80s I started with Rockets as I have always been a steely eyed missile man at heart. I grew up on everything from Shepard's launch to the Columbia's first landing at Edwards. You know the drill. I'm one of them.

But I have been wanting to get back into rockets for some time. I will most likely scratch build something scale soon. But decided to start with a kit, and ordered last night from Apogee the Dr. Zooch Redstone. I have plans of course to build a bigger one from scratch after I get my feet wet with the Zooch kit.

Looking through the forum I must say the rockteers are an excellent group of fine people. Believe me in my hobby forum travels I have seen it all, if you take my meaning.

If you want to see my past work in the hobby and film and TV go here: that's my personal site that has a mix of all my work. some many of you have probably seen at one time or another.

As soon as I get my kit from the nice folks as Apogee I'll start a thread. Or has it been done too many times already?

And BTW. This is the only Rocket forum I was able to register on. Model Rocket forum never sent me confirmation email. I ask them more then once about it but never got a reply. The other one was closed to registration.

Steve Neill
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