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Originally Posted by blackshire
Hello All,

Awhile back there was a discussion about the Centuri Akela-1 Cub Scout rocket (see: ).

I just found what is apparently the earliest reference to the Akela-1, in the September 1973 issue of "Boy's Life" magazine (the article link is below). The article also mentions Ricky Piester, who launched the first Akela-1 flown by a Cub Scout pack; I presume he is a son of Centuri founder Lee Piester (see: ).

I hope this information will be helpful.

Hey Black****e,

You realize that the Akela is a Viking is an ~Estes Black Diamond is an ~Estes Viking ...

Ricky is a part owner of Great Planes and sits on the board of directors, IIRC.

This is why Lee's remaining 2 Hobby Shops sell mostly Hobbico Planes/Cars/Boats and products. They do sell a small amount of Horizon Hobbies. They really should enter into deals with direct manufacturers from China (as 90% of all hobby products on the planet are made there) but because of image and loyalties, they sell the cookie-cutter products distributed by the big 2 American importers. Too bad because there are many products that are better in price and value to the consumer.

If I ever open another Hobby Shop, I will not deal with Great Planes or Horizion ... they are middle-men that jack the price up several hundred percent.

Instead I would just order 'containers' of goods direct from China and sell them mail-order and walk up brick and mortar shop. There are dealers who do just that and are making $$$ in the process.

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