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Originally Posted by hcmbanjo
The first time I saw a reference to Ricky Piester was in the opening pages of the Centuri catalogs in the early 1970s.

All the way down on the lower right is a small head shot.
That type is too small to read in the Ninfinger page, but it says:

A Phoenix boy writes: I like rockets. "I eat, sleep and drink rockets", my Mom says.
But then she says the same thing about my dad.

Ricky Piester

I thought that was a little hokey back then. But it got their son into print!
*That* was what was making my head tingle with near-recognition last night! The boy in the larger color photo on the left also looks like Rick Piester. Thank you all for your replies. Yes, I know the "family history" of all members of the Centuri and Estes "branches" of the Akela-1/Viking/Black Diamond "family"; I wish Estes would offer a Viking kit version with Akela-1 decals especially for Scouts (although Sandman has perfect duplicate Akela-1 decals with both "Akela-1" and "Viking" kit name decals on the decal sheets that are available now!). I'm glad to hear that Rick Piester is still involved in model rocketry (and in "flying" hobbies in general).
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