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Originally Posted by Gus
It went for way less than I would have thought, $129.50. I was figuring $400+ considering what the later models sold for. Really, really rare kit.

Wow, I guess Iím just getting too old to get interested in collecting for the sake of collecting.Iím trying to build out my inventory of kits, and should really sell off those I know Iíll never build. Iíll likely donate a bunch of stuff to our club to use to raise some funds.

2. Maybe the biggest reason not to collect more ó we are trying to seriously downsize. We need to find a place with minimal yard, a lot less square footage, and a monster basement for my wood shop. And new, so there is no remodeling required. That kind of narrows the options a bit. I think it means buying a lot, or land, and doing a custom build.
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