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Old 08-15-2022, 02:15 PM
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I just want to put in a shout-out here to John Boren (AKA JumpJet on here) for the clever jigs and tools, as well as the quality of the interlocking parts on the S-O-T. I'm almost done with the structural build of one, doing it almost exactly stock (even while following both jeffyjeep's and hcmbanjo's builds). Everything fits together properly, and all the little handy jigs and tools have indeed been very helpful.

Well done John!

(And to all the folks downstream of his design work that had to turn his designs into parts and then get those into our hands.)
Bernard Cawley
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Old Yesterday, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Took almost two weeks to get a set of 1/70 Saturn 1B decals.
Decals were 100% top-notch great, just did not expect them to take that long.

Glad to hear the quality is top notch. Every decal set I ever got from the former owner, Tom Prestia, we’re very high quality.
Lee Reep
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Old Yesterday, 02:21 PM
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They were worth the wait, just did not expect it to be that long.
If you are in a rush, may want to contact them before ordering.
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Old Yesterday, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by LeeR
I did use a 29mm motor tube. A bit heavy, and I suppose I could have peeled out a layer, but performance was fine. I did the trade off that I wanted it scale, chose the 29mm tube, and did not worry about it not being the ultimate glider.

I have a lathe so I turned a “B” profile nose cone for the orbiter. The transporter’s nose cone is a BNC-60Y from Semroc.


I'll have to find out what the diameter of this tube is:

Two pieces will have to be joined with a coupler to get the needed 10.86" length. The position of the coupler can be determined to help reduce added trimming weight.

I have access to lathes now and will have to learn how to turn cones.

The ultimate dream is to eventually build an automated cone making machine - just specify a classic cone, say a BNC-20B, along with the desired size. It will return with the size of the raw stock to use and automagically turn it. The SEMROC custom Cone Maker feature had promised to do that, but it is likely gone permanently.

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