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Old 03-17-2019, 03:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BEC
I have built a "phantom Alpha" in which I used a fairly recent bulk Alpha kit but substituted PST-50 for the body tube and PST-20 for the motor tube. The fins are the balsa ones, attached with Pacer Formula 560. I bring that one out specifically to Alpha build sessions and the flying sessions right afterward.
Except for its length (yours is less tall than the one in the film), that sounds just like the one that they built for the film. You could even--if you ever built another one--show how glue "rivets" or TTW fin tabs work, because they could be seen through the PST-50 body tube.
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Old 08-22-2019, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by BEC
All three examples of the 1207 Phantom I have in my possession use parts which are dimensionally identical to the Alpha III fin can and nose cone.

A goodly chunk - I don't know right now the specifics - of the 1207 Phantom's run had a 4 inch piece of PST-50 for the body tube. This again includes all three examples I have. However the catalog height dimension was never changed when the kits did. You're suggesting that perhaps the initial 1207s had a 6-inch-long piece of PST-50 which would make that model the same size as the current Alpha VI and the nameless Alpha III sibling in the 5302 Rocket Science Starter Set.

For the two 1207s I've built, as I've mentioned before, I substituted a 5.5-inch-long section of PST-50 so that they're the same size as an Alpha III/IV.

Just to come back to this now that the new 2019 version of the 1207 is out. I put one together last night. The body tube is 5.5 inches long, so it builds into a model that's dimensionally identical to an Alpha III (and is built essentially identically as one as well from a parts and build sequence standpoint).
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